About Us

WallKeeper is an innovative and community powered “Home Rental Network”​ which provides better rental options through our intuitive marketplace.

WallKeeper helps users like you search, inspect, book & move-in to a rental home of choice across major Indian cities. Not just that, we help you move-in, ask for services from wireless internet to cleaning & servicing.

Over the years WallKeeper has studied the trends and the pain points people face when relocating for their job or studies. From concerns over safety to dealing with issues like privacy and roommates, many people decide to drop opportunities to avoid such hassles. With WallKeeper these are the things users don’t have to worry about. All spaces listed on WallKeeper are inspected for safety, access to local amenities, so that tenants do not face any problem leading their day to day life. Landlords dropping in at odd times uninvited is another privacy concern that WallKeeper has answered. Tenants get their privacy. Landlords can only come to inspect their space twice a month and that too with prior appointment from the tenants and aided by a WallKeeper associate. We are constantly developing our infrastructure for both tenants and owners. We are more than a corporate entity. What we want to achieve is a community powered by trust and prosperity.

Corporate Office

246, N.N. Road,

South Dum Dum,

Kolkata – 700028,

WB, India.