With the recent development of activities by Hindu extremists people are now coming up with questions if these para-military forces are trying to prove a point that they can be as brutal and merciless as the ISIS?

The recent video of a Hindu extremist named Shambhulal murdering a Muslim named Afrazul in cold blood shocks us beyond believe. The part that this video of Shambhulal murdering a man in cold blood was shot and uploaded by his own nephew proves that he and people like him believes they are above the law. In the name of religion these people commit atrocities and have no respect or fear for the law.

If we think about this, we’ll find it strikingly similar to the activities of ISIS. The much feared terrorist group in Syria — ISIS operates almost the same way. They unlike other criminals do not hide but are proud to boast their activities. Just like Shambhulal’s video of murdering an innocent Muslim, we have seen countless videos of ISIS hacking journalists and citizens to death if they do not abide by ‘their laws’. ISIS has a strong hold in Syria and has a clear idea that the law enforcement is not strong enough to fight against them. In the same manner it looks like Shambhulal has the same level of power and confidence that even brutally murdering someone and posting a video of it on social media will not result in any kind of punishment for him.

Reports stated that many women from his village married Muslims which angered him and he became blood thirsty. He as an Hindu extremist couldn’t tolerate the fact that Hindu women in his village ran away with Muslims. So, to install fear in the mind of the villagers, he hacked the first Muslim to death he found. He and people like him state that they kill Muslims because they perform “love jihad” which means these Muslim men marry the Hindu women in order to convert them to Islam and later torture them and rape them.

However, Shambulal’s friends have a story to tell which gives the Hindu extremist a clear motivation to commit a murder. According to his friends, Shambhulal was in love with a Hindu woman who picked a Muslim man over him. The man was not Afrazul. This clearly proves that he had personal animosity against Muslim men and joining the Hindu extremists gave him an opportunity to back his murder with a reason of saving the Hindu women.

No matter how much we try to deny the fact that intolerance exists, the truth is perhaps it is at its peak right now. The ban of beef, love jihad, and threats to anyone who tries to speak against the act of extremists, proves the condition the nation is in right now.

Murdering people based on religion and denying them the rights of a citizen is the start of fascism. Who are these people? Who gave them the authority and power to decide who is worthy to be Indian and moreover worthy of living?

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