Today I stumbled upon this picture and found it very interesting. How have we not been taught about India’s military contribution during the World Wars? Over 80,000 personnel died in the WWI alone fighting side by side with the British and French forces. And over a million died in WWII. But why has Indians forgotten about these efforts? 

The answer is simple – politics. There were memorials for these forgotten gladiators but ever since India’s independence efforts were made to forget about these soldiers and their contribution to the great war. In schools, we are taught about WWI and WWII but hardly there’s any mention of Indian soldiers in them. 

However things are quite different in countries like Australia. I was quite surprised to learn that there are memorials of Indian soldiers who perished in the great war in Australia and almost everyone familiar with history knows about Indian soldiers who were part of the effort in the wars.

It is not all bad though. Thanks to the internet, people are now slowly discovering these forgotten heroes. But we have a long way to go. I believe there should be memorials to pay respect and homage to these brave-hearts. 

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